Protect your website with proper care and maintenance

Web care and maintenance is an important part of your site's health, this image illustrates that.

It’s a common misconception that once a website is built the hard work is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Launching your website is how the adventure begins, but as the proud owner of a shiny new lead generating website you have a responsibility for web care and maintenance.

Why do you need a website care and maintenance plan?

The websites of yesterday were built on a simple stack of HTML and styling files. Maintaining and protecting your website was all handled on the server-side of your website. That was yesterday.

Today's websites are built on more than just a set of static HTML and CSS files. There are a lot of complicated scripts that operate even the simplest of functions. Coding evolves, and with a new understanding of coding standards, comes the discovery of exploits.

In the hands of a skilled coder, with an understanding of these security threats, exploits give malicious scripts access to your user lists, core files, and more. Without tightening your server and CMS security, you run the risk of intrusion from exploit scripts, malicious bots, and viruses that can break your website, sabotage your standing with search engines, and harm your user’s computers.

Preventing these problems with proper care and maintenance is easier, and cheaper, then hiring a security expert to repair the damage.

This is an image of the world wide digital net, and dangers it represents

We have developed a website care and maintenance plan to keep your website safe and effective.

We Keep Your Site Up-To-Date

We keep your website armed with the latest updates for PHP, your CMS, and any third-party scripts your site may use. Our security program will monitor your website by the hour and notifies us as soon as new updates are launched. With us watching your back, your core files will always have the most recent advances in closing exploits.

We Archive Your Site Backups

We keep the most recent backup of your website on both a cloud server and a physical archive. Our update system keeps the most recent version of your website archived at regular intervals. We also keep updates before and after major content updates.

We Harden Your Core files

Hardening includes all the measures that you take in order to make your site harder to get into. We harness all the major tools and techniques for minimizing the risk of having your site hacked, attacked, or infected with malicious scripts. We enforce stronger administrative passwords, sanitize form submissions, relocate key CMS files, and add firewalls to your back-end gateways.

We Monitor Your Website

Vigilance is the mark of any good shepherd, and by employing an off-site command center, uptime robots, and a variety of event logging tools we know when your site is attacked, who’s logging into your website, who’s failing their logins, whose trying to use known exploits on your file system, when your site is working, and when it’s not.

We can even provide you a monthly report with stats on up-time, update and backup frequency, user logins, and more.

Over time, a website care and maintenance plan will save you money

Running regular maintenance on your site is the most important thing you can do. If you aren’t running regular updates and utilizing secure server hardening then you are just waiting for your turn to be attacked. Aside from all of the implications site vulnerability can have for your users, some malicious scripts will damage your reputation with search engines, like Google and Bing.

Did you know that a hacked site can also land you on a Google blacklist? On the internet, reputation is everything, and when your site acts unethically, Google will remove you from their archive by adding your domain to their site blacklist.

Repairing an infected site and paying someone to advocate Google on your behalf can be expensive and time-consuming. At the end of the day, being unprotected is just not worth it.

We offer 3 tiers of monthly coverage

All of our packages are designed to include the bare minimum of measures you should be regularly taking in order to protect your site, certain annual third-party licenses¹, online backups, SSL certification, and a suitable hosting plan for your website.

Tier 1

$75 / Month

  • Basic Hosting
  • Weekly Monitoring
  • Monthly Security/SEO Audits & Reports
  • SEO Plan²
  • Social Media Monitors³
  • Reputation Monitors³

Tier 2

$100 / Month

  • Premium Hosting
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Monthly Security/SEO Audits & Reports
  • SEO Plan²
  • Social Media Monitors³
  • Reputation Monitors³

Tier 3

$200+ / Month

  • Basic Hosting
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Monthly Security/SEO Audits & Reports
  • Customized SEO Plan²
  • Social Media Monitors³
  • Reputation Monitors³

¹For sites that we build, we offer to cover the third party licenses for your security software, form platform, our framework plugin.
2 Customized SEO plans are built made to order, and usually include advertising credits equal to 1/3 the cost of your monthly plan.
3 We monitor the search engines & social media platforms of your choice and handle any negative feedback through a customized positive reinforcement plan.

If you don’t see a plan that is perfect for your business needs, we can build a custom ala’ carte program that caters to you at a price you can work with. For more information let us know how we can better serve your needs.