We design complete business branding, like the website, busincess card, flyer, envelope and coffee cup in this picture

What is your business brand?

In academic marketing terms, a brand is any feature that identifies one seller's goods and services as distinct from other sellers.

In other words, branding is everything. It's how you look, it's the way you speak, it's how you treat your employees and clients.

Your business's branding is everything!

We create great first-impressions by speaking the language of visual branding

Visual branding is the unique use of design elements such as shape, color, typography, materials, finish, and composition, that are brought together to communicate values and personality. Visual communication can be delivered subliminally or directly through compelling images and design hierarchy.

Whether you intend to or not, everything from your business card to your invoices is making statements about you. We can help you control your intentional branding through good visual communication.

We create business branding that communicates who you are through your business media

We create logos

Your logo is an unspoken signal that identifies your brand at a glance. A good logo should be unique and capture the attitude and style of your brand so that your audience can connect with your products and services. In a lot of circumstances, your logo is the first association that your audience makes with your products…so it should send the right signal. We can help with that.

We create unique business cards

A business card is one of the oldest tried and true marketing tools we use. They allow you to exchange numbers when networking quickly and without relying on your audience's memory when trying to remember why they wanted to call you in the first place!

A unique and memorable business card will not only stand out from the stack, but they reinforce your style and personality. Don't rely on the same print template your competitors are using.

We create business cards, like these samples for different KCX Media concepts

We reinforce your branding with custom stationery

Never send your mail out in a plain white envelope again!

We creative attractive envelopes and letterheads to suit any need you may have. Invoices, notepads, envelopes, name it and we design it.

We create all kinds of business branding, in this image we show you business cards, brochures, mailers, and stationary for High Voltage Auto

Make your mark with branded signage from your business

We offer a variety of sign solutions for your branded marketing campaigns. Whether your design is going on a billboard or a video kiosk, or anything in between, we are in the know with all the latest design standards and can deliver optimal results!

We design signs of all sizes, like this interstate billboard

How does creating business branding work?

While the creation of business branding can be exciting, and loaded with challenges, the process is simple. We get to know your business through a series of questions about your product or service, and how you see your business. Our questions are designed to teach us what you want to communicate about your business and how your business branding should convey this message.

If you have office media we will build your new media around the design guidelines you’ve already established. Branding consistency is important because it creates a stable foundation that your customers can build their trust. The important thing is not to be intimidated, because we will walk you through everything.