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The world of digital marketing is full of big ideas loaded with jargon. It can be hard to understand all the terms and concepts that you will come across as you start to grow your brand. When you work with KCX Media, we want you to feel confident in understanding the decisions you are making and how they will affect your business growth.

Whether you want to work with us or not, you can find something useful here. We work in digital marketing for the love of the game. We want you to be successful, even if we are not a good fit for each other. So check back here often for tips on tools and ideas that will help you learn and grow your business through good decision making and helpful hints.

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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO?

What is SEO? It's a complicated web of techniques and ideas that help your website show up on search engine result pages. This is your introduction to SEO.
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Google Analytics 4 has Arrived

Google shook things up in the SEO world this month, with the release of Google Analytics 4. GA4 has brought improved machine learning and predictive analytics as a tool for strengthening your online marketing.
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5 Reasons that Websites Fail

Why do websites fail? In this article we examine 5 reasons why websites fail, and how this affects the people who have so much riding on their success.
We created this glossary of website terms for our clients

Glossary of Marketing Terms

Marketing is awesome. We love marketing, but marketing is an industry that is loaded with jargon and can be hard to follow for the average person. For this reason, we decided to create a glossary of marketing terms with very simplified definitions, so that you can understand what is going on without having to obtain…

What is marketing?

What is marketing? I's a collection of considerations a business makes on how to attract and convert business prospects into paying customers.
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8 types of content marketing

In the second part of our Marketing Strategy series, we examine 8 types of content marketing strategies to help drive conversion. We also offer ways that these techniques can be used in your digital marketing platforms.
KCX Media uses 3 types of marketing strategies and many distribution channels

3 types of marketing strategies KCX Media performs

When thinking of this week’s post for our planning and strategy series I wanted to make a list of marketing strategies. In my college days, we were taught 8 primary means of marketing and most marketing disciplines were subsets of these primary marketing methods. So my challenge was to discuss planning marketing strategy and make…