KCX Media is a full-service digital marketing and advertisement company.

We are on a mission to create designs that work

This is an image of a design we created for Prestonwood Kennels.

What does it mean to say a design works?

A design’s purpose is to solve a problem through effective communication. When a design works, problems get solved and audiences are satisfied. Whether you’re trying to generate sales leads, promote a new product, or making direct sales, marketing your business is about the end result.  When you successfully engage your audience you will convince them to take an action.


In other words, a design is like a tree falling in the forest. Does it make a sound? Who cares! We’re going to make some noise!

Great web & graphic designs start with collaboration

KCX Media is such a special company because our business goals aren’t about selling websites or business cards. Our web and graphic designs are the end products of what we actually do- which is building digital marketing and advertising strategies. Collaboration with you is the key to accurately representing your business. We don’t just ask you to just provide content; we guide you in creating content that your users will engage with.

Effective advertising is about engagement with your target audience

Users that engage with your content regularly are more to support your business over others. When you establish brand authority and trust, you inspire the conversion of your audience from passive audience members to paying clients. Conversion is the formula to drive business growth.

We approach our marketing projects with two important tools: design briefs and market research

The first key to building a marketing strategy is the design brief

KCX Media design briefs occur in two stages: a soft design brief and the official design brief.

First, we have you work through a “soft-design” brief, which tells us what you need, what you currently have, and what you’re basic goals are. The soft design brief is filled out on our website and gives us a bird’s eye view of your marketing and advertising needs.

Once you decide to work with us, we do a much deeper interview process where we get to know your brand. This gives us a tool for choosing the tone, colors, and basic needs of your website. The design brief is meant to give us visual direction as we work on building your designs, but it doesn't sometimes far more important: it's the foundation of Marketing Research.

The second key to building a marketing strategy is through market research

Marketing research is how we build plans and strategies for effective advertising for your target audience. Market research is how we unlock the mysteries of what audience you need to reach, what businesses you are competing with, and how to meet your business goals.

We use this information to create user personas that give a face to your audience. So instead of saying “user 1” or “user 2”, you know that you’re actually writing to a 32-year-old divorcee named “Sam” or an 18-year-old hip-hop fan named “Samantha”.

Through market research, we will build insight into important key points such as:

  • Most used keywords or keyword combinations
  • Effective Call to Actions (CTAs) and how you can use CTA's to convert traffic
  • Potential lead magnets- What you can offer to get people to come and engage with your site
  • The most effective social media platforms for your brand
  • Competitor ranking (including traffic, keyword usage, and their monthly traffic volume)

With a design brief and market research in hand, we can help you dominate the search engines and build audiences who want to engage with your product or services.

We Put the Service in Full-Service Design

My name is Jason and I created KCX Media back in 2011 (when I still called it KCX Design). When I started down this path, I had an idea about creating a company that built websites. Over the years I realized that websites were becoming cheaper and cheaper as the need to code by hand became less and less important. People don’t really need me to build their websites anymore, which forced me to consider my place in a world where I was becoming obsolete.

After watching my competitors build businesses over the years, I came to realize that my job was never really selling websites. I was selling two things: my ability to build content around strategies & the research that went into creating my content.

Most of the challenges that business owners face can't be solved with a one-and-done piece of digital content. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a deep dive into the understanding of what makes a business special. The search for that understanding excites me.

My mission is to work with my clients, side by side, in order to create clear and concise lines of communication. I view my clients as part of my team, and being a good team member is about setting your team up for success. I want to do that through education and empowerment of the people I work with.

In other words, your success is my success.