5 reasons you should use WordPress

This is the WordPress Samurai, who is pondering why you should choose WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS’s on the market. Almost half a million websites are built on WordPress, which means around 20% of the internet is using it. That means that WordPress holds about 35% of the CMS market share for web design. So you may be wondering if it’s a good fit for your project and I want to share with you 5 reasons you should use WordPress.

These 5 reasons to use WordPress were the same set of metrics I used when I began searching for a good CMS to build my client’s websites. I knew that anything I used needs to be stable under heavy traffic. I knew it needed to be secure, given the number of scammers and spammers who use weak security to exploit sites for personal gain. I wanted to find something easy to work with because the entire point of using a CMS was to streamline my workflow and lower my costs. I didn’t want to learn a lot of new skills, outside of the natural evolution of scripting abilities. I wanted a platform that people were interested in working with because it’s much easier to introduce potential clients to familiar ideas than to introduce new ones. And finally, I wanted it to have a long shelf-life. The invention of WordPress was born out of an abandoned platform (What is WordPress?), so I wanted to feel secure in knowing that my chosen tool wasn’t going to become obsolete anytime soon.

So why should you use WordPress?

You should use WordPress because it is stable

WordPress has gone through a really interesting evolution. It started as a blogging platform, but developers learned to utilize WordPress’s database structure and page loop to create static web pages. The potential to use WordPress as a website building platform was undeniable and over the years, Automattic has opened the gates to WordPress development wider and wider.

The WordPress core is updated consistently 3 to 4 times a year, and features are becoming more focused on delivering better web features for site development right out of the box. The WordPress core is updated and advanced slowly and carefully under heavy widespread testing. The WordPress development community is quite active and they are exploit tested constantly.

An active development community and consistent testing are important to ensure a stable platform. WordPress meets both of these requirements and has proven itself to be dependable.

For an active user, WordPress is secure

This is a difficult section to write because I believe that WordPress is secure, but like any tool, caution must be extended. WordPress captures a lot of concerns and criticism about being secure by the web development community. Most of these criticisms are valid- as long as there is no conversation about the finer details of the facts. When we examine the facts, we find that unqualified claims of WordPress being the often most hacked web platform in the world, while true, dismisses the underlying causes for WordPress exploitation: poorly managed updates, poorly designed third-party plugins, and non-existent security measures.

Security experts at Securi reported in 2018 that WordPress accounted for nearly 90% of all the sites that were hacked that year. That’s a lot of validity to security concerns. But on closer examination of the facts, nearly all of those sites were found to be running outdated software. And the truth is that only 13% of the actively used WordPress plugins are regularly updated, so we’re talking about a huge number of WordPress users who aren’t maintaining their websites or vetting their third-party plugin providers.

When you look at users who are running up to date software and the latest front and back-end security measures, the number of vulnerable sites drops significantly. Meaning that with proper site maintenance, WordPress’s core files are 100% stable and about as secure as you can get on the internet.

WordPress is easy to work with

WordPress operates under an open-source license, which means the basic platform is free of charge and that developers are welcome to work with and make improvements directly to the source code. As a result, the WordPress Loops that serves content to web browsers has been well documented, easy to access, and easy to include various hooks to add more dynamic content. With just a little learning, you can adjust the platform to meet and need you might have. If you don’t have the time, or the inclination, to develop your own solutions then you have two choices.

First, you can install a plugin for just about any functionality you want to create. There are plugins that handle small tasks that could be handled by CSS or they can tackle larger, more dynamic, tasks such as adding animation or interacting with the DOM.

Of course, because of the security risks involved, it’s better to run as many tasks as you can without using plugins, but when you absolutely need them, a little research will help you find something safe and easy to use.

Your second choice is to hire a developer. A good WordPress developer can handle most tasks by writing simple, task-specific scripts, that don’t carry a lot of bloated code or require heavy scripts that might put your site at risk.

Depending on your budget, either one of these choices is fairly affordable.

WordPress is scalable

Most new websites aren’t experiencing loads heavy enough to worry about scalability. Building your audience takes time and a lot of effort. If you are working with your site regularly, our site content will grow, your place on Google will move upwards, and your brand will become more recognizable. As this happens the demands on your server will become heavier and the scripts that run WordPress have to work harder.

A site with good scalability will adapt to traffic increases and operate without any noticeable drawbacks

With WordPress as long as you’re using a web host that is properly optimized and is generous with bandwidth, then WordPress can accommodate as many simultaneous users as you need it to.

As evidence of the scalability of WordPress is, consider that Wired Magazine, Variety, The Walt Disney Company, and the Microsoft News Center, are all websites that are built on WordPress. So you can imagine the kind of site loads these websites are dealing with on a daily basis.

Fun Fact:

If that’s not impressive enough consider this…

Mercedes Benz is driving around on the web in their shiny WordPress Website. TED is talking all about WordPress’s greatness. If you go and rate my business on Yelp, you’ll be doing it on a website built on WordPress. And if you still need proof of its power, consider that even Beyoncé put a ring on it.

-Jason’s Notes

WordPress is attracting interest

WordPress has become a recognizable brand in the web design market. People know what WordPress is and I have had clients ask about my ability to work with WordPress right away in business meetings. WordPress owns 35% of the web design platform market, and 70% of the market share in the CMS landscape. Every year that market grows at a rate of around 4%. People are talking about WordPress.

More Fun Facts:

The Rolling Stones are getting all sorts of satisfaction from WordPress. BBC America is using WordPress as a virtual TARDIS for their content (probably because it’s bigger on the inside). And Katy Perry is roaring about the virtues of WordPress on her website.

-Jason’s Notes

I propose WordPress to 98% of my clients

The more I learn about WordPress, the more I’m impressed at how versatile a tool it really is. A lot of WordPress’s bad reputation comes from a misunderstanding of how to properly build and maintain a website. If you put in just a little effort, WordPress will get you some big results at a fairly reasonable cost! For most of the clients I meet with, WordPress is the right tool for the job.

It’s possible that WordPress is the right tool for you too!

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