3 types of marketing strategies KCX Media performs

KCX Media uses 3 types of marketing strategies and many distribution channels

When thinking of this week’s post for our planning and strategy series I wanted to make a list of marketing strategies. In my college days, we were taught 8 primary means of marketing and most marketing disciplines were subsets of these primary marketing methods. So my challenge was to discuss planning marketing strategy and make it as relevant to what we do at KCX Media. So I decided to talk about the 3 types of marketing strategies that we perform at KCX Media.

These 3 types of digital marketing strategies are more directed at marketing methods, rather than marketing content. So while diversity and caused based marketing are valid strategies for what we do, these types of marketing plans are more about content than the method of content delivery. One of the books I read recently claimed over 180 different marketing strategies, but these were all based on content styles over delivery methods. In today’s market, you might go insane if you attempted to be comprehensive on the subject of marketing. The three marketing plans I am going to discuss in this article are interactive marketing, digital marketing, and web marketing.

Connect with your audience through interactive marketing

One of the major criticisms about today’s society is the disconnect between person to person contact. The world is becoming more connected through social media and almost endless availability of the internet has made us more available to one another, but it has also limited our need for connection. Perhaps this psychological shift is the reason that people expect the businesses that they connect with to be more interactive with them.  People want the companies they deal with to see them as more than a demographic or a statistic. They want to be acknowledged as people.

There are a lot of ways in which a marketing strategist can implement a feeling of interaction.  An interactive marketing plan might include having a website acknowledge a regular user by name once the user is signed in and a list of their suggested purchases based on past interactions. This may seem like a no-brainer, but companies like Amazon have proven these psychological influences yield positive results. When we visit sites that we regularly sign in to, and they don’t in some way acknowledge us, we feel put off and our user experience is negatively affected.

Review systems, with conversational message flow, are also helpful in this respect, as they give the customer a voice to make displeasures and inconveniences known. But it also offers you the opportunity to show that you are listening and responsive to your customer’s needs. In fact, the numbers show that 90% of purchasers use the review system as a means of making their final decision. When positive reviews stack up, prospective clients notice and when companies are attentive, they notice that too.

Interaction is important in today’s market, and we want to make sure we understand how prospective clients make their purchasing decisions, how to utilize interaction trends to increase conversion and the ways in which interactive marketing can be used to build brand loyalty.

Digital marketing creates avenues for audience connection

Digital marketing is a major foundation for what we do at KCX Media, and it includes any type of marketing that uses a digital platform. There are subsets of marketing, known as push and pull, which are applied in digital marketing strategies.

Push refers to the way you go to your potential targeted audience and pull refers to the ways you make yourself available to be located by your potential audience. This relationship is usually defined by organic and non-organic marketing funnel methods.

So for example, if you wanted to push your audience you can harness social media to push ads in front of your audience and inspire them to sign up for your leads list, which gives you the opportunity to reach these potential clients through email campaigns or maybe by adding them to a text messaging campaign.

The means for advancing a digital push marketing campaign vary between organic methods, such as content marketing plans, like blogging or running a podcast, and non-organic methods such as pay-per-click advertising and social media ads.

Pulling, in marketing, refers to when a consumer makes some effort into finding your business. A person who searches for a subject and finds your web link has been pulled. Content marketing and SEO planning are invaluable strategies if you want to pull an audience with your digital marketing. Like pushing, there are organic and non-organic means of pulling an audience.

The important thing here is that you understand that not all digital marketing audiences are the same. Based on the way you reach an audience will directly affect the way you close the conversion.

Establish your values with web marketing

Web marketing is very similar to digital marketing in that it uses digital platforms to establish your brand, but the major point of web marketing is that you have total control over how your website is built, the message it conveys, and how your audience interacts with your content. You can utilize your website to demonstrate your product, conduct research into your audience through surveys, track their usage patterns through UX testing, and you control the hierarchy of your message.

When we talk about interactive and digital marketing strategies, your web marketing is where many of these considerations are brought into fruition. How you handle your web marketing will determine if you’ve taken into account all of your interactive and digital marketing strategies. Your website is like a 24-hour salesman and support tech and you can use any number of marketing subsets in your web marketing strategies.

No strategy stands alone

Some of this marketing talk might get confusing, and that’s OK. The entire point of discussing marketing strategies is not to define one specific path for your planning, but to illustrate how every marketing path meets somewhere at some point.

Your website is going to use interactive and digital marketing strategies, and any number of strategical subsets. Around here, content marketing is huge, because it’s a valuable means of building organic search traffic. Over the course of building your content marketing, you may expose a culture of diversity or social cause marketing…and depending on the culture behind the brand you want to build that may be important to your long term planning.

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