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KCX Culture is about two passions: Design and Our Clients

KCX Culture is a term that we use to denote the importance of our clients to the building of our web and graphic design legacy! There is only one thing that we are more passionate about then our clients and that is design. We love design.

The KCX Culture blog is all about sharing our passion for design with everyone!

We love it so much that at least once a week we are going to submit a new post on the latest trends, tools, and the occasional tutorial on how to take your designs to the next level.

If you have any topics you’d like to read about, you can submit ideas and questions to

KCX Design Photoshop Color Matching Tutorial

Bring it together with color unity!

Color is one of the prime elements that help make a composite work! In this edition of the KCX Culture Blog, I invite you to check out some of the techniques I use to create color unity between foreground and background images in my digital composites. Color is one of the three primary elements for…

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The struggle between cheap DIY options and professional design is real!

When its cheap, then it’s probably not good

I’m not gonna lie, being a designer is hard work. Being creative all the time is really difficult and it basically goes a little something like this… You have an idea. You sell the idea. You get another idea. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s hard, rewarding work, and I enjoy it a lot. The thing is,…

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An image of a young woman considering her makeup options, this article offers tips on how to persuade her decision.

Embrace the Brand: 7 Tips for Younique Sales

Branding is the way of the world. In 2016, the power of social media has proven one thing: we’re all brands now! It’s true, on social media you present yourself to the world, and the world forms an opinion on you based on your social interactions. Are you a hot head who jumps into hot…

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This is the resulting image of the gothic style makeup tutorial I provide in his blog post!

Adobe Photoshop: Basic makeup tutorial

Let’s have some fun with Photoshop’s Layers! In this edition of the KCX Culture blog, I invite you to take a look into the foundations of Photoshop: layers, layer masking, blending, and a few basic adjustment layers! The first step in design is to have some idea where you’re going and the destination for this…

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An image showing multiple people using their cellphoners with one person looking over at them, demonstrating the percentage of cellphone users who actively engage their phones in social situations.

Responsive Design is Life!

My name is Jason, and I am an addict. The first time I tried it I thought “this is fun!” I had been warned that it could lead to depending on it more and more, but deep down I knew that would never be me. I was too smart to get hooked.

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Just say no to ads!

Evolve or Perish: Ad Blockers

There’s no denying it. Ad blockers are popular. The popularity of ad blockers is steadily on the rise. Just as surely as ad blockers are gaining users they are also building critics who cling to dated ideas of what it takes to monetize a site effectively. You’ve heard these arguments about how “content isn’t free”,…

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Our adventure begins, and we're happy to present our website on our first blog post!

The Adventure Begins!

As I am writing this, I am humbled to be sitting where I am: writing about how exciting it is to finally be stretching my wings and building my design studio. It wasn’t that long ago where running a studio was only a dream, and I thought for long hours how I might break into…

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